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Individual Support Service

The Individual Support Service (ISS) is a highly specialised service that enables people to receive support in their own home, enabling them to choose when, how and by whom support is delivered.

We know how important it is for people to stay in their own homes and retain as much independence as possible. The Individual Support Service (ISS) makes this a reality even for people with highly complex needs.

Through personally selected and trained staff we support people that put themselves or others at risk, whilst enabling them to have real control over their lives.

The ISS is suitable for people who require four or more hours of support per day, and we specialise in the following areas:

How much does this service cost?

We offer a competitive hourly rate and each part of the service is priced clearly and separately so that people know exactly what they are paying for.

For an informal chat about this service, please contact us.

Havering is pleased to be working in partnership with Outlook Care in the development of the ISS service which is
producing tailored solutions in the
community for individual clients.

- Jackie Phillips, Strategic Commissioning Lead London, Borough of Havering