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People We Support

The People’s Voice: Making sure everyone has a say

Outlook Care is committed to involving the people we support.
We involve people we support in:

  • Every day decision making about how people live their lives
  • Every aspect of the support or care that is delivered for them
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Training staff
  • Inducting new staff
  • Writing policies or procedures
  • Getting involved in events or projects such as:

–      Mission statements
–      Website
–      Conferences
–      Newsletters

We also have local Forums for the people we support which meet regularly.

People receiving support or care services from Outlook Care attend.
Board members and managers from Outlook Care also attend.

  1. Learning disability forum WF / Greenwich / Westminster
  2. Learning disability forum Havering / Essex / LBBD
  3. Older People forum
  4. Mental Health forum

Each Forum has an elected lead who is supported to chair the forum meetings. Forum Leads have been elected on the basis that they are interested in:

–   improving services.
–   speaking up on behalf of others.
–   listening to other people’s views.
–   getting involved in events / activities to support people who use Outlook Care services.



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