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Change can be Good!

PJ is a customer from one of our supported living learning disability services in Greenwich.

PJ has autism and challenging behaviours and has, for the past five years, worked at Sidcup Halfway Street Adult Social, shredding confidential papers for one hour every Monday.

PJ loves this role and he gets paid to do it. It is not just appealing due to the money but there is a sensory element of satisfaction from the sound of the paper cutting. PJ is an extremely tidy and organised gentleman. He is brilliant at his job.

In October 2016 the service where PJ lives received a telephone call to inform them that this particular branch of Adult Social Services was moving to Queen Mary’s Hospital – a very busy location.

PJ had to stop working as they could not facilitate the shredding due to the move. This was communicated to PJ and he agreed that in the mean time he would be supported for outings on Mondays.

A couple of weeks later the service emailed Social Services asking if PJ can restart his job. The idea looked a bit risky at first as this was a new, busy location, unfamiliar place, longer journey on the bus.

The staff at the service updated PJ’s Risk Assessment and guidelines, despite these changes that could be triggers and looked scary at first.  They asked Adult Social Services to send them a picture of the building and a map in order for PJ to be prepared. The Social Services receptionist, who has known PJ for long time, reassured staff that he would have his old chair and shredding machine.

After thorough planning and preparation PJ re-started his work.

After work PJ rewards himself with a lunch out at the Hospital Canteen. The meals are good value for money and they are delicious!

image of customer eating after work