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Violent Behaviour – Thinking Outside the Box

David loved the sound of smashing glass. He started with the light bulbs, but once they were made tamperproof, he focused on the crockery.

Sometimes you can’t control how you act or react, cannot communicate how you feel. That’s what it’s like for David, who’s spent most of his life in registered care services, is autistic and has challenging behaviour.

At Beauly Way, Outlook Care’s specialist registered residential care home in Havering, we conducted an analysis to assess the triggers to his violent behaviour.

Social escape was important to him, and smashing things kept people away, so he’s been smashing things since his childhood. Outlook Care staff were trained so they could work with David to curb his behaviour.

Playing a CD of smashing noises seemed to help for a while; then he made a ‘smashing corner’ in the garden and he’d be out there every 20 minutes. David was also supported to go to the bottle bank and recycle bottles everyday so he could smash away to his heart’s content.

After two and a half years he now only smashes bottles at the supermarket where he builds up points on his loyalty card for being environmentally responsible!