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Piotr’s Blog – Using the Appraisal to embed our Values

Following on from my blog last month where I announced our new vision and values, I wanted to share how we are making these two fundamental aspects, that form the foundation of our business, come to life in everything we do.

In January we launched our new staff appraisal process.  This will incorporate our values into our everyday working life at Outlook Care, supporting our great staff to meet our strategic objectives.

The appraisal enables each employee and their manager to review their contribution and understand the vital role they play in delivering positive outcomes to the people we support.

This new process facilitates an open and honest staff performance discussion based around our LIKE IT values:

Listen- always with interest, concern and action

Inspire – through every interaction so people can achieve their ambitions

Kindness – through genuine care and compassion

Excellence – by striving to be the best we can

Integrity – by acting ethically and being accountable

Trusting – rely upon us to do what we say we will do

Our staff will think about how they will work, as part of our values based culture.  At each appraisal staff and their appraiser will reach agreement on how they have demonstrated our values through interactions with customers, colleagues and stakeholders over the previous year and how they will build on this to achieve objectives for the following year.

This process will ensure our vision and values are further embedded into our culture through our staff.

All the very best.

Piotr Rejek
Chief Executive
01277 633163