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Piotr’s Blog – A Smiling Day In The Life Of Foxburrow Grange

On 15 June 2018 I had the privilege of working alongside the fantastic staff at Foxburrow Grange and meeting many of our wonderful residents, family members and volunteers on the day.  I spent time doing a health and safety walk around, working in the laundry, delivering clothes to residents, seeing what goes on in the kitchen, meeting Prince’s Trust Volunteers in the garden and joining a men’s group of residents chatting about everything from wallpaper to classic cars.

The memorable experience of the day was, without doubt, seeing the smiles on the faces of residents living at the home every time our wonderful, caring staff spoke with or helped them.  It was a pleasure to see residents living their lives on their terms.  Some were up and about, some were off and out and others were engaged in activity groups or enjoying family visits.  It was clear to me that every member of staff was focused on one aim and that was the welfare of each and every resident; and they did this with a smile every time.  The cheerful night staff handed over to the just as cheerful day staff, working together with the maintenance, kitchen, office, housekeeping staff to deliver a very caring service.

I learnt an enormous amount and thank you to the staff and residents for letting me share their day.  The relationships staff have established with residents feels like the heart of the home and I am very proud of each member of staff for the work that they do.

Special thanks to the Princes Trust for making over the garden and a very special thanks to one of our great volunteers Roy who every Friday supports a men’s group, which I was very lucky to be part of and hope to join again soon.

Piotr Rejek
Chief Executive
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