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Piotr’s Blog – Back to the Floor in Waltham Forest

It’s always a pleasure for me to go back to the floor and work alongside my colleagues in our services.

It gives me a real sense of satisfaction to both witness and share in the passion and values that our staff hold dear, supporting and empowering customers to achieve great outcomes. Nothing grounds me more than experiencing first hand just what our staff do on a day to day basis and being involved with their interactions with our customers.

This time I went along to our mental health supported living services in Walthamstow, London.

Staff work extremely hard in our mental health services in Waltham Forest. It is a challenging role due to external factors and the vulnerability of our customers – many of you will be familiar with the risks of cuckooing involving individuals who take advantage of vulnerable people – our staff ensure that people we support are kept safe. They do this with a smile on their faces and a real sense of determination to ensure that our customers have as much choice and control over their lives as possible.

Those working at the service seemed to enjoy my visit just as much as I enjoyed my time there. They had this to say:

Our Chief executive worked on the floor with support staff within our outreach services. He does not have to do that. Maybe this is a way of saying thank you for the difficult job we do at Waltham Forest, but what mattered was that he came.

We'd like to say thank you.

Thank you for coming, which was above the call of duty. For instance, going round talking to some of our tenants/making tea/providing some bits for the two staff.

We acknowledge the personal sacrifice that you made by not travelling in your car but, able to travel on London Buses leaving your car behind in doing the above. Your action motivated everyone else on the team to go an extra mile.

You know that, rightly or wrongly, we are very much judged on our results and you were largely responsible for the cheerful faces on the day.

Many Thanks
From all at Waltham Forest - contract D North


I am very much looking forward to my next Back to the Floor visit, watch this space!

All the very best

Piotr Rejek
Chief Executive
01277 633163