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Piotr’s Blog – Recruitment, retention and recognition

I am proud of the services we provide and the amazing and dedicated work undertaken by staff in a wide range of roles.

Satisfied and happy customers rely on staff who are committed to their roles. I am committed to ensuring that we are able to offer careers, development and fair reward;  it is critical to our success that we are able to attract, recruit and retain high quality staff.

Our Board of Management and Executive Management Team recognise that we need to improve our retention and ensure we recruit sufficient people with the right values; for that reason Robert Smith, our Director of HR, will be working on a project aimed to ensure our recruitment is effective and we do all we can to retain the best people.

One of the nicest parts of my role is to be able to recognise the fantastic work our staff do. Every few months we consider nominations for our Staff Recognition Awards; in the last quarter we gave awards to a record number of 11 teams or individuals all of whom had shown great dedication or provided excellent service.

Receiving recognition is important to most of us and for that reason we are reviewing our Staff Recognition Scheme with the aim of giving more of our Managers the ability to formally recognise and reward their staff.

All the very best

Piotr Rejek
Chief Executive
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