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Piotr’s Blog – working closely with families

Every once in a while something amazing happens and you can help change someone’s life.

When you and the company you work for have had a role to play in that, life feels very good.

A couple of years ago Pav Hughes began working at Outlook Care as a Service Manager.   Pav had been interested in working with Outlook Care having read our CQC reports and she was particularly impressed with the amount of involvement the people we support had in the recruitment of staff.

Pav has a twin brother Jags who has a learning disability, autism and OCD.  Jags was looking for a new home and Pav desperately wanted Outlook Care to be his care provider.  Pav was passionate about Outlook Care and even more passionate about her brother so it didn’t take much to convince me to set the wheels in motion.  After some assessments, consultations with the family and recruitment (that Jags and his family were involved in) to get the right staff we agreed a support package for Jags.

Three years on and Jags has progressed so much.  We maintain regular contact with Jags’ family and review constantly with them and with Jags to enable Jags to live the life he chooses.

It’s always been very important to me to work closely with families and to empower those people we support.  It is vital to allow people to have as much control over their own support and care as possible, whilst keeping the lines of communication open with families at all times.  Only by everyone being honest and transparent about the support being received or desired and acting upon that can you ensure people are getting the most out of their lives.

Read the inspiring story of Pav and Jags here>>

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