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Access Screening

We’re delighted that we have cut our candidate turnaround time by 50%, while improving visibility and continuity of processes, using Access Screening.

Prior to implementing Screening, we were working with a lot of admin heavy processes to complete the various checks required within the health and social care sector.

Our HR team were spending a lot of time on these unnecessarily complicated processes and struggling with visibility and access to comprehensive records of checks. This had a significant impact on the speed we could turnaround candidate screening.

Using Access Screening has massively improved the speed in which we screen and can hire candidates.

Previously we’d average around 10 weeks candidate turnaround. For the first three months since implementing Access Screening we saw a 50% drop in time to screen.

We’ve reduced manual tasks, improved efficiency and candidate turnaround and we’re really happy.

Download the case study from the Access website here>>

It’s dramatically reduced our reliance on manual

- Emma Kornblum, HR & Resourcing Partner

It’s reassuring to know Access Screening can
support our recruitment process and the necessary pre-employment processes in the social care sector. My one concern when exploring screening was thinking will it be able to make sure we’ve got everything we need in the same place, and it has definitely ticked all those boxes.

- An Margison, Assistant Director of Human Resources