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Celebrating Nature to Improve Mental Health

Mental Health is a topic close to our hearts, so to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, customers in our Services have been embracing this year’s nature theme by spending a good portion of the week outdoors.

Customers at Waterside Lodge, our Mental Health Recovery Centre in Leytonstone, spent time in their garden, planting a fruit bush, adding plants to a hanging basket and also made bird feeders to hang from a tree to attract some feathery friends that will bring them joy over the coming months.

Customers really enjoyed being in the open air and were fascinated with a plant that staff called a bunny rabbit (antirrhinum) and loved the red colour!!

customer looking at flower for mental health awareness week

Customers also really enjoyed making the bird feeders and hanging them on the tree and watering the plants.

One customer chose to appreciate the nature from inside so we brought the hanging basket in to him; he was interested in what plants were in the basket.

Customers chatting about flowers for mental health awareness week

Everyone enjoyed the time in the garden, it was good to talk, and learn a little about plants (and snails!).

Customers at the Recovery Centre are planting strawberry, raspberry and tomato plants so we’re hoping the love for the outdoors will continue; tending to the plants and eating the results, all while improving mental health!