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Crafts and Activities to Beat the January Blues!

We’ve been getting involved in crafts and activities to beat the January Blues this week.

The weather has been so dismal, we decided to keep busy and do more fun things to cheer ourselves up!

This week, Helen, our Finance Officer and craft-person extraordinaire (we want to call her crafty, but that doesn’t sound so good!), hosted a fabulous virtual paper plane making session, with people in our Services, as part of our re-launched Smiling is Infectious campaign, and what a fun time we had!

Helen used multicoloured paper for her planes, but most people used white paper which they could then decorate afterwards.

paper aeroplanes for craft activity paper aeroplanes for craft activity

We recorded the session on Microsoft Teams so that people in those Services that couldn’t join in live, could watch and make their planes at their leisure.

Helen encouraged people to send in photos of how far they managed to fly their planes and we’ve had some back already!

Wendy, Team Leader at one of our Supported Living Services for people with learning disabilities in Romford, sent in a photo of the planes customers had made there.  They did really well with their flights!  The planes flew all the way across the room, which Wendy said was ‘a miracle’!!

image of paper aeroplanes for craft activity

Also this week, customers in another of our Supported Living Services in Romford, decided to forget about the grey days and continuing rain, by cheering themselves up with a crafting activity all about love!

Customers painted and added tissue paper to the hearts on their canvases, to make some gorgeously bright and colourful pictures, celebrating upcoming Valentine’s Day.  Love was definitely in the air at this Service!

image of customer with heart craft activity

Rain won’t get us down, we’ve got plenty of ideas to keep us busy and happy, roll on next week!