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Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?

Customers at one of our supported living services in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham have been getting ready for Christmas by making some fantastic snowmen!

With the lack of snow, staff and customers had to think outside the box and after a quick search on YouTube, they found a fabulous craft activity to make fabric snowmen!

Customers were excited to get going with this and all contributed towards the materials required and staff purchased everything that was needed to make a family of snowmen.

First of all, there was the white material which customers cut out, supported by staff, and then customers sewed all around the side and left a gap so that they could fill it with stuffing before sewing up the gap.

snowman snowman

Customers then cut out coloured paper and made the eyes, buttons and nose, before adding some hats they had at the house and used tinsel for the snowmen’s scarves.

Of course, the obligatory clearing up had to be done too!


All customers took part and really enjoyed making the snowmen, who now have pride of place in the lounge.


As well as the snowmen, customers have decorated the tree and all around the home to make it feel special and Christmassy.

Christmas tree

Merry Christmas!