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Growing Sunflowers – Whose will be tallest?

People we support have been busy growing sunflowers in their Services over the last few weeks, as part of the many activities and competitions we have been running during lockdown.

Sara, Quality and Customer Relations Manager, sent every Service a packet of sunflower seeds back in May with potting and watering instructions (with regular reminders of how to look after them during the hot weather!).

It has been great fun running competitions, activities and virtual events for our customers during the coronavirus pandemic and the people we support have really enjoyed themselves and taken part with great gusto.  Whilst lockdown seems to be easing somewhat for the moment, we intend to take the really positive points from the lockdown activities and engagement forward and build on those.

We’re sure there are going to be some great entries for the sunflower competition to see whose is the tallest, brightest and biggest bloom!

Closing date for the competition is mid August and we’ll be sure to bring you the results!