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Growing Up

We are delighted to announce that Outlook Care has commenced delivering support and care services to young people with learning disabilities who are in the process of transition from children’s to adult services.

A pilot service for two brothers who are twins, has commenced in our respite services in Romford.

To manage the transition our staff worked closely with each brother, their family, school and social worker. The introduction to our service took place over a period of weeks which included frequent visits, both to our service and to their home. This ‘getting to know you’ process made sure everybody knew each other before the twins spent their first night with us.
We made sure that each room was furnished with familiar things from the twins home. We also made available all the facilities at the service. The hydraulic bed, the reminiscence computer and laptop (the twins are fans of YouTube!) have been working overtime. Mum has kept in close contact and said she is pleased with how well her sons are doing.

Piotr Rejek, Director of Business Development commented, ‘I am thrilled that the brothers have settled in well. Outlook Care has 21 years of experience of supporting adults with learning disabilities. Our skilled staff and experienced management team have much to offer younger people in transition. We are aiming to expand our services to include more younger people with learning disabilities. This experience is our first step in this direction.’

For further details please contact Piotr on 01277 633163 or by email on and see our Individual Support Services brochure