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Holiday Happiness

‘No!’ we hear you cry, in disbelief. Someone went on a holiday this year?!  Why, yes, they did. Lucky Andrew, although at one point we didn’t think it would be possible.  Here’s what happened….

Andrew, who lives at one of our supported living services in Romford for people with learning disabilities, originally had his holiday planned for April.  He was going on a football stadium tour, which as a West Ham fan he was very much looking forward to.

Whilst planning for the holiday, staff at the service also supported Andrew to organise some new flooring for his room, which was due to be fitted whilst on his holiday, so all was good!

Then we get to March and everybody’s life was temporarily put on hold due to the virus, so Andrew could not go on his holiday or have his new flooring fitted.

Andrew, although disappointed, kept smiling and we reassured him that it would happen, hopefully just a little later in the year.

Fast forward to September and Andrew was able to go on his socially distanced football stadium tour holiday, following all the government guidance with a huge smile on his face!  The flooring company resumed business and fitted his new flooring while he was away, prompting another big smile when he returned!

We asked Andrew what pleased him the most, the holiday or the floor, and he said they were both the same!  He was especially pleased with his new West Ham mask.

We were really pleased that we were finally able to support Andrew to achieve this during this year and to see how happy it made him.