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International Day of Happiness

Today is International Day of Happiness and we’ve been asking our customers what makes them happy.

Here’s a few of their comments:

From Neave Crescent:

“A circus makes me happy because it makes me laugh, and when staff took me to Romford to buy a new dress this made me happy”

“Going shopping makes me happy”

“Because I like living here and going to see my friends”

“I like Neave Crescent, it’s good, I have lived here nearly 10 years, Neave is the best, I go shopping on a Thursday and swimming on a Tuesday, it’s good”

Customers from one of our Learning Disability services in Harold Wood said:

“I would love to live in a house where I could sit watching TV, have my family around and go to McDonald’s for lunch every day”

“Going for a walk enjoying the scenery, listening to my favourite music, seeing Arsenal win the cup that would make my day”

“Spending time with my boyfriend cooking pancakes for my birthday would make my day and happy”

“Spending the day with my keyworker Grant, going swimming and having lunch”

“Going to see Manchester United play football and win the cup would make my day”

What fabulous comments!

Quote of the day goes to Waterside Lodge Recovery Centre:

Every day is happiness day at Waterside Lodge!

- Customers at Waterside Lodge