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International Nurses Day – 12 May 2019

Today, Sunday 12 May, is ‘International Nurses Day’.

Anne Cooper, our Director of Operations, is passionate about nursing and the amazing work our nurses do at Outlook Care.

Below Anne shares what made her begin a career in nursing and her mission to improve services…….

‘I’m proud to be a nurse of more than 40 years. It has shaped my thinking and enabled me to be in a position of influence, transforming the lives of people with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and Dementia by ensuring strategic decisions are centred on what matter to people we support.

I became interested in working with people with a learning disability while I was at school. Volunteering on a Sunday morning became a much loved activity from the age of 13.

I decided to do my Learning Disability Nursing when I left school. 1978 I started my nurse training very proud to be wearing the old fashioned style uniform complete with cap and cape.

I lodged in nurses quarters and enjoyed living alongside other nurses. Work was very hard, 4 staff to 30 very dependant and sometimes challenging people. It was so much harder for the people we ‘cared’ for living in institutional care, with some very restrictive practices.

Whilst I met some fantastic staff I also met some people who should never have worked in the care sector.

From the day I stepped into a ward and observed some really upsetting scenes I made it my mission to improve services and to never tolerate anything that wasn’t good enough for me or someone I loved. Not easy with few staff and resources but I met some fantastic people along the way, extremely resourceful and passionate about driving up standards.

I have worked in senior management for the past 24 years, maintaining my nurse registration which I continue to be proud of.

I have worked at Outlook Care for 17 years and have overall responsibility for Mental Health Services, Older People and Learning Disability Services. The core nursing skills have put me in a good place to ensure people remain at the centre of all decision making.

I make sure that I regularly undertake direct work with our customers as that gives me the biggest buzz, just seeing someone smile for taking the time to be with them.

Our staff at Outlook Care do this day in day out and I am very proud of them.’