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Keeping safe, entertained and busy during lockdown!

We’ve certainly been busy during lockdown!

From socially distanced walks in the park, making rainbow pictures and virtual talent nights to rainy day activities, quizzes and cake baking, life for the people we support at Outlook Care has never been busier!

Coronavirus has impacted everyone in some way and staff and people we support have definitely felt affected. Our staff have been amazing in helping our customers feel safe and supported during this difficult time and we have been clapping for all of our wonderful carers every Thursday to say thank you.

As soon as lockdown was announced, we put plans in place to make sure things carried on as normally as possible for the people we support, in fact we think we’ve made life at home just that little bit better!

We have been making sure that people are keeping in touch with their loved ones with more video and telephone calls than normal whilst physical restrictions are in place. It’s important for continued wellbeing that our customers and their families and friends see and talk to each other more than usual in these unsettling times.

Our Quality and Customer Relations Manager, Sara, has been busy engaging with all our services, creating activities and buying equipment like bread makers, cake baking supplies, disco balls and karaoke machines to turn people’s homes into dens of activity and fun!

Every day Sara sends out ‘Smiling is Infectious!’ emails to services, advising staff and customers of planned activities they can take part in and she’s been liaising between services to facilitate things like competitions, quizzes and penpals!

Feedback from our services has been fantastic and we’re making sure we foster that energy to make sure the good work continues when lockdown eases and people can physically go to their external clubs again. We’re confident that they will want to carry on with lots of their internal activities too!

The Outlook Care community has never been stronger and we’re looking forward to building on that. People we support are getting closer to each other virtually and making new friends, they’re sharing ideas and having fun.

Whilst these have been very challenging times for everyone, life in lockdown has definitely had some ‘ups’!