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Kim has been shortlisted for a Care Champion award!

Kim is a bright and bubbly 51-year old woman with learning disabilities. She has been living at one of our Supported Living services in Barking, Essex, since 2015.

Kim was nominated for the Care Champion award, one of the categories for this year’s National Care Awards, by Outlook Care staff and we are delighted that she has been shortlisted as a finalist!

Kim is naturally a very caring person.  She always remembers people’s birthdays and, if they’ve been unwell, takes the time to ask how they are – which she can now do during a video call.

Her learning disabilities are mild, and she always pays attention to the news, and was aware of the coronavirus crisis. Once lockdown was announced, her level of caring went stratospheric. She became totally committed to bringing everyone together and making life fun. She seemed to have a sixth sense about the effect the pandemic could have on mental health, so while she participated in every single online session or event that was organised, she never stopped smiling and encouraging everyone around her.

Vicky Martin, one of our Administrators, said that Kim has kept her spirits up, during what has been a very difficult time and helped her fight against the anxiety she was feeling during this pandemic. Kim’s attitude, which was always 100% interactive, positive and inclusive, was infectious. In fact, Vicky looked forward to the online sessions as she knew that Kim would brighten up everyone’s day across the services.

Kim loves to engage with staff, and is always thanking them for all they have done, whether it’s cooking for her, sending out replacement laptops so the staff at her home can still work and keep in touch or just for being on an online session.

You could say that Kim incites people to happiness. By empowering others to get involved she’s been making a difference to so many people’s lives. If you were only lucky enough to be in Kim’s company only for a moment, we guarantee you’d never forget her smile, her tenderness or her innate goodness. We need more Kims in this world.

We wish Kim all the luck in the world and have everything crossed that she wins the Care Champion award at the virtual ceremony on the 25 October.

Kim has done fantastically well since the lockdown. She is always reminding staff and her flatmates about any virtual event going on at Outlook care and at the borough.

- Comfort Ademola, Manager of Service

I think Kim has been the real shining light of lockdown for Outlook Care and she deserves recognition for this. All the staff have been amazing, but to have such an interactive and positive customer as Kim has been invaluable. She has not stopped smiling for the last eight months.

- Vicky Martin, Corporate Services Administrator

For me Kim has been an absolute joy! Because she is so friendly, she puts others at ease and because Kim is so friendly and engaging, this encourages others to join in in all the ways they can, and the conversation never runs dry!

I think Kim could go far as a Michael Parkinson/Graham Norton-style chat show host! She has a great sense of humour and asks great questions. For example, she suggested the song ‘I want to break free’ by Queen one day because ‘This is how we all feel!!’, then whilst we were singing it, she appeared with a vacuum cleaner, just like Freddie Mercury in the video!

- Sara Costa, Quality & Customer Relations Manager