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Knitting for Dementia

When Neave Crescent’s Team Leader, Wendy Marshall, noticed that Sandra, one of the customers there, had undone and started to re-knit something she’d just finished, she had an idea.

Wendy and her mum knit for premature babies and she remembered seeing a project on Facebook about ‘Twiddle Muffs’. These are a double thickness knitted hand muff that items can be attached to and are designed to provide a stimulation activity for people living with dementia who have restless hands.

Wendy found out that two other customers also liked to knit so she started up a knitting group to
make the twiddle muffs and twiddle blankets.

Customers all thoroughly enjoyed their evening knit sessions and this has also resulted in Sandra now coming out of her room more to socialise with others.

During the summer the ladies of the knitting group took a day out on the train to go along to Foxburrow
Grange, our nursing and dementia care home in Colchester, to give residents living there the items they had knitted.

The residents of Foxburrow Grange liked the twiddle muffs and blanket and the knit group ladies are talking about going back there again!