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Let’s get active, involved and win prizes!

Let’s be honest, not everyone loves being active and yet we know that it does us so much good.

During the coronavirus lockdown, many people have struggled to keep active so staff at one of our supported living services in Dagenham for people with learning disabilities, came up with a plan to get people moving and more involved in activities!

With the physical and mental health benefits of moving around at the forefront of their mind, staff discussed with customers the idea of having a competition to see who would get involved the most.  Everyone planned it together; the categories and the tasks and customers were excited to get moving!  Staff encouraged and supported customers to get more involved in the everyday tasks around the home and to participate in more activities.

Staff observed everyone over the month and were so impressed with customers’ enthusiasm that they organised an award day to celebrate customers’ achievements and to give out the prizes!

Best bin emptier, cleaner, student, clapper, singer and eater were amongst the categories plus most kind and generous too.

Being involved makes people feel good and being recognised through prizes for effort and participation helps to encourage the continuation of these activities.

Well done to all involved!