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Managing money together

When Clive*, a customer from one of our supported living services in Greater London, first came to us he was managing his money independently.  It wasn’t long before staff began to have concerns that Clive, who has a learning disability, did not have sufficient funds to purchase items or contribute to activities within the home.

When staff asked Clive if he needed support he would always reply, “I am alright”.  On occasions, Clive would allow staff to support him to count his money.  He was regularly carrying £300-£400 on him and then the next day he would have nothing.

In May 2018, the manager of the service arranged a review with Clive’s social worker and an advocate was invited to attend.  They spent 3-4 hours completing a mental capacity assessment and discussing their concerns with Clive and eventually Clive agreed that it was in his best interests to allow staff to safe-keep his bank card and detail on his support card.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday staff would escort him to the cash machine and Clive would withdraw a small amount of money, return to the service and staff would complete an imprest sheet – a financial log – with the amount.  Clive would access this money freely with staff supervision.  After 6 weeks Clive visited the bank and obtained a statement, he was elated that he had in excess of £1600 in his account.

Clive has continued to save over the last few months and has now successfully saved enough money for two holidays this year!!

*Not real name to protect identity
Image by nattanan23 on Pixabay