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Postcards of Kindness

We have recently signed up to the ‘Postcards of Kindness’ social media initiative which involves people from all over the world sending postcards for free to residents living in care homes.

This initiative helps encourage discussion points and prevents isolation for those who for whatever reason do not have many visitors.  It has become increasingly popular and has been in local/national news and the founders have been interviewed on major radio stations.  We are hoping to eventually create a record book of all cards received or some kind of wall display.

One of our mental health services in Dagenham, Essex, received a postcard recently and everyone at the service really enjoyed reading it and appreciated someone taking the time to write and send it through the post.

We have received a few postcards now and are looking forward to receiving more, so if you’re going on holiday or visiting a place of interest, please consider picking up a postcard and sending it to one of our registered care homes where our customers will enjoy reading about your travels.