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6 February 2019

Dear Family Member or Friend

You may have heard reports in the media relating to fraudulent care workers working in health and social care services similar to the ones run by Outlook Care. Criminal cases have been reported in the news about people buying identity documents from fraudsters who sell such documents and then working in care homes or care settings with false identification. In these cases this would mean that the care worker would not be the person they have reported to be and most importantly, the criminal records checks made on them would be invalid.

A Sun newspaper story published on 1 February 2019 refers to many health and social care providers, including Outlook Care, in relation to an investigation about falsification of work documents in an agency called Reliable Care. Upon receipt of this news story, on the same day, Outlook Care suspended its contract with Reliable Care and notified all commissioners and staff of this decision.

Outlook Care’s number one priority is to safeguard the vulnerable people we support. On seeing the evidence presented by the Sun’s investigation we took all appropriate steps to safeguard our customers. Here at Outlook Care we are proud to have actively reduced the use of agency staff. We understand that people we support and their families want to receive our services from kind, well trained, consistent, well supported permanent staff.

Where we do need to engage with secondary agencies we ensure that they have robust systems in place to verify their workers’ right to work and carry out due diligence and site visits to verify their levels of compliance.

If you require any further information please contact Piotr Rejek – or 01277 633163.