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Shoeburyness Home receives Gold Standard!

We are delighted to announce that our supported living learning disability service in Shoeburyness, Essex has recently been awarded a gold standard, as part of the Gold Standard Framework (GSF), for end of life care.

The service has been implementing GSF since attending the course in 2016.

In achieving the gold standard, the home had to evidence it was providing a high quality of care using the GSF tools.

GSF is a framework, which can be used as a tool to assess and deliver care for end of life. It is not only a tool for end of life care but to measure the quality of living well.

It promotes discussion on personal choices and how each person would want to be cared for and their wishes of where they would like to be cared for at the end of their life.

This is imperative to customers, as when they move to our service in Shoeburyness, they have a home for life and they do not need to move to another home when they are no longer able to care for themselves.  This is also important to their family and relatives, as some customers cannot communicate and it is essential that they are cared for by staff who are familiar with their mode of communication, and who they are comfortable with.

GSF gives more structure to planning for end of life.  It assists to develop advanced care plans with the individual and their family. As part of the process, individuals and families can choose their preferred place for end of life care.

GSF also allows better collaboration with other professionals. E.g., there is a coding system when customers’ health deteriorates, for years, months, weeks and days.  This alerts the G.P. to visit the individual more frequently, it gives guidance to staff when to contact the G.P. palliative team and out of hours care etc.  This also ensures the customers’ symptoms are controlled and pain management is in place.

GSF also reduces inappropriate hospital admissions, which may cause unnecessary stress to the individual and their family.

Our Shoeburyness service will continue to implement GSF and ensure to provide an excellent standard of care.  If you would like any details about this home please contact Teresa, Home Manager, on 01702 292 005.