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‘Smiling is Infectious’ is back!

It’s back!

‘Smiling is Infectious’, the campaign which kept us all going through the first national lockdown, is back following the announcement of the new lockdown and we’re excited for what’s in store this time!


Along with the well-loved weekly emails, there will be a re-launch of our most popular activities such as weekly virtual coffee mornings and the fabulous competitions.  Add in the activities that just didn’t stop during the pandemic such as the DJ disco sessions hosted by one of our customers and our own Clap for Carers every fortnight and we’re on track for another fun-filled few weeks or months, until the restrictions ease and our customers can attend external clubs again.


Our customers loved the activities of the first lockdown and got really involved in the inside events such as painting rainbow pictures, rainy day crafts, games, and cake baking, plus outside activities in the summer such as making scarecrows, growing sunflowers and creating the best garden spaces.

Virtually Brilliant

The virtual events, such as the on screen talent nights, zumba sessions, dances, sing-a-longs and quizzes have brought customers and staff from all services in every location much closer together. Customers were regularly chatting with different people who they wouldn’t necessarily normally mix with because of location issues. The closeness has continued even though the activities reduced somewhat once restrictions were eased and people went back to day centres and external events.  Our ‘Fun Stuff’ WhatsApp groups are still very much in use and we expect to see even more photos from customers taking part in the new activities and competitions!

The Team!

Big shout out to Sara, our dynamic Quality and Customer Service Manager – and finalist for many awards this year for the work she did during the first lockdown and beyond to keep customers’ and staff spirits up – who is picking up the reins again to spearhead the campaign, and also to Vicky in our Admin team (who was Sara’s right hand woman for many of the activities last time and who was amazing in the lead up to Christmas with virtual parties and sing-a-long sessions) and Helen from our Finance department, who is fabulous with crafts, has volunteered to help out and join in the fun!


Last, and by no means least, a special mention to Kim who lives at one of our supported living services for people with learning disabilities in Barking.  Kim was instrumental during the last lockdown and beyond in encouraging people to join in on screen, getting everyone talking and not forgetting her never ending smile. Kim was also a finalist in the National Care Awards for her wonderful enthusiasm and keeping everyone going during the last lockdown.  We know Kim will be hugely involved with her caring and empowering attitude to everyone and we are excited to see her regularly on screen again.

We wonder what’s in store this time around – can’t wait!