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Looking Forward to the People’s Voice Social Event

Date: Thursday 12th July 2012

The People’s Voice Social Event is taking place this Friday in Romford, and is another one of Outlook Care’s eagerly anticipated events for service users, their families and Outlook Care staff to get together and join in the Christmas festivities. As-well as a disco, a Christmas competition and a chance to enjoy some free time together, the event provides an opportunity for everyone to review the new Service User Standards as part of the work of The People’s Voice Committee.

The Service User Standards are a set of standards agreed and put together by the people we work with to ensure that they have choice and control over the support they receive. The standards are reviewed regularly and shared with everyone.

The ‘People’s Voice’ committee meets every 3 months and is linked to local meetings that happen in the places where people live. People receiving support or care services from Outlook Care attend. Board members and managers from Outlook Care also attend.

Click here to find out more information about The People’s Voice.