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Working together to improve lives of people with PMLD

Kelly Roberts, along with two other service managers from Outlook Care, attended the Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) Conference in Manchester in November 2017.

The conference highlighted the lack of focus on the needs of this group and the importance of building a strong network to develop and embed standards for the regulator to use as evidence for effective service delivery when conducting inspection.

The conference made Kelly, who is the service manager at a residential care home for people with learning disabilities in Romford, realise the importance of communicating affection and warmth. To constantly give reassurance, comfort and security to the people we support, can make them feel safe, belonging and protected.  In addition, one of the workshops Kelly attended about safe touch communication, had a deeper impact on his own experience working with customers in the service he manages.

Introducing the Gold Card Scheme pilot:

Kelly met with Doctor Singh of Lynwood Medical Centre on the 5th December, to discuss the gold card scheme for the customers who live at the learning disability service he managers. This will improve the care and service for the customers, as gold card patients are given priority when the service makes contact with the surgery.  Calls will go directly to a doctor who will immediately respond to their concerns, instead of the usual way of waiting for an appointment. All customers will have a gold card number with their name written on the card.

Together with Dr Singh / Lynwood Medical Centre, the scheme was launched at the service on the 13th December.  The launch is being promoted by the surgery to help create awareness of the people with profound multiple learning disabilities and put pressure on other health providers to give priority to people with PLMD.

I am delighted to be working in partnership with the Lynwood Medical Centre to improve the care and service provided for the customers.

- Kelly Roberts