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World Mental Health Day 2019

We made sure we looked after our mental health on World Mental Health Day by holding lots of different events.

We had our 30th birthday party for staff and people we support, which was a wonderful event where people had lots of fun, plus managers went out and visited services that couldn’t attend the party and talked about mental health and wellbeing for #WorldMentalHealthDay.

One of our managers, Ann Nunn, visited all the services she manages and talked to staff about how the organisation supports the mental health of its staff and they created a poster to evidence ways in which we do this.  Ann noted through discussion with staff how much they are valued and she bought a box of chocolates for each service for staff to have with their coffee at break times as a little gesture of thanks.

Ann also shared an online ‘how to support mental health at work’ booklet with staff.

Ann felt that it was good to reflect on the ways the organisation supports the mental health of our workforce, some ways are not so obvious, and it is really helpful to look at all that we do and for her and other managers to keep this in the back of their minds as they support staff.

It was good to do this not only because it was world mental health day but to take a step back and say thank you to the staff for their hard work and contribution.

- Ann Nunn, Service Manager